Who are my buying from on ReSnatch?

You buy your used clothing directly from our registered and trusted vendors (ReSnatchers) or you can buy from the ReSnatch’s main shop.

What happens after I place an order?

Immediately your order is placed, you will receive three confirmation emails indicating your order has been placed. The first report will be from us and also from the vendor. The third report would contain the order details to include the shipping costs, payment method, and status of your order.


Once the seller has received your payment, you will be sent the final order status changing from pending to processing with the shipping or tracking information to monitor the delivery of your item to your preferred address.

How can I contact the vendor?

You can reach out or connect with your favorite seller either through the ReSnatch social platform activity page or through vendor store’s page using the store locator or vendor finder.

What are the ways to connect with the seller or vendor?

You can contact the vendor through the social profile, using the contact form on the far bottom left of the vendor’s social profile page.


You can also reach out through the main product details page. Locate a tiny envelope icon that reads “ask owner”, click on this link to take you straight to the contact form to send your message to the seller.



In case, you are wondering what your favorite seller is doing, and need to know his or her last update. Go to the main site social activity tracker to see the seller’s last primary activity.

What is the cost of shipping?

The vendors decide how much they charge, however, some sellers charge flat rate, or offer free shipping depending on what you are buying from the seller.

What should I do if my clothing is never arrived or delayed?

There could be two possible factors that caused it

  • The payment made to the seller through your PayPal or bank account may not have been successful.


  • If your payment was successful and you have the confirmation of your account debited, contact the vendor immediately, and if this problem remain unsolved send your complaint to us right away to info@re-snatch.com.

How are my information and money protected?

Every transaction on our platform is fully protected and payment or withdrawal made is escrowed. No payment is made to sellers until a buyer has confirmed successful delivery of the item.


Buyer confidence really matters to us, we strive to protect every payment made to a potential vendor is marked as completed with approval from Re-snatch.


We help resolve any transaction dispute through our resolution center.

What action did you take if my order is never delivered?

The seller will not be paid, your account will be credited.

How do I use the social platform?

If you want to interact with registered vendors or existing users, you may go through the Re-snatch social activity page to view all the current socio-marketing activity happening at the moment, you can click on the user profile link, view the current posted used clothing and even leave a comment if you want.


You may also proceed to create your own social group and view registered members .

What is store locator and how does it work?

The store locator is a very useful tool that enables you to find any potential sellers available on ReSnatch platform. It does a great work by allowing you search within a specific distance usually in a mile or kilometer close to your proximity. This can also let you locate seller locally.

General FAQs and Seller FAQs

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