How Does Re-Snatch Works?

Re-snatch enables you to make money from selling your used clothing usually abandoned somewhere in your closets. You can make money fast connecting with people searching for such service through our platform, reach out to potential buyers within your proximity and beyond.

What Can I Sell on Re-Snatch?

Re-snatch allows you to sell only used clothing of any brand combined with a top quality, and a good grade. You are required to show clearly the pictures in different ways that would attract the prospective buyers. A vendor can create a gallery for every used clothing posted on the storefront using vendor’s dashboard.


Note: only used clothing in good condition will be allowed, badly maintained clothing will be rejected.

Can I set price for my product?

Yes, our platform allows storefront owner to set any price, apply coupon and even schedule period for which coupon will expire.

Do I need to pay to sign up with Re-Snatch?

No, you do not pay for registration and even to use our service. You can upload an unlimited amount of products to your store and set your price for free.

How much do your platform charge?

Re-Snatch charges only 10% on every completed transaction, if your used clothing is set to $100 for instance, you would be paid $90 once the transaction is marked complete. We offer the cheapest commission the internet.

How long does it take to get paid?

You have seven (7) days waiting period to have your account credited, this is mandatory to ensure we protect the customer payment during processing period and set your payment on-hold until the overall transaction is executed successfully without complaint.


Your fund is made available to you immediately on request via your PayPal account and then straight to your bank account if you would. Sign up with PayPal to have one today.

How are my information and money protected?

Every transaction on our platform is fully protected and payment  or withdrawal made is escrowed (a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives and disburses money for the primary transacting users (buyer or seller), with the disbursement dependent on conditions agreed to by the transacting user.)


Implying that, as a vendor, you can not withdraw money immediately without passing through our protected due process policy. Buyer confidence really matters to us, we strive to protect every payment made to potential vendor pass and marked completed with approval from Re-snatch.


We help resolve any transaction dispute through our resolution center.

What is due process policy?

Re-Snatch due process is an enforced policy that ensures sellers complete every transaction undertaken by the vendor, and the dealing between the two parties (seller and buyer) are safely executed. We have put together a system that checks regularly the status of every transaction until the deal is marked successful.

How do I use the social platform?

If you want to interact with registered vendors or existing users, you may go through the Re-snatch activity page to view all the current socio-marketing activity happening at the moment, you can click on the user profile link, view the current posted used clothing and even leave a comment if you want.

What is store locator and how does it work?

The store locator is a very useful tool that enable you find any potential sellers available on ReSnatch platform. It does a great work by allowing you search within a specific distance usually in mile or kilometer close to your proximity. This can also let you locate seller locally.

What quality of used clothing is accepted on Re-Snatch?

A top grade ( with no cut, wear or tears) used clothing from any know top brand or no name brand is allowed. Your uploaded image should be of high resolution, so potential buyer can have a clearer view and better impression to buy it.

FAQs for Buyers and Sellers

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