Re-Snatch does not charge users a cent for using the platform. It takes just a few minutes to launch new store. We simply connect buyer and seller together with the same objective of buying and selling used clothing of varying brands and top quality regardless of user’s geographical location.

The platform empowers sellers to clear their overflowing wardrobe off used clothing, make money selling it fast on a go with no monthly fee.

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Seller is required to register and agree to our terms and conditions, read our marketplace policy during registration, and upon successful registration, user can proceed to login with his or her account information, set up a storefront, set any price on used clothing and adjust some crucial setting applicable to user’s storefront. You can view your store activity in a flash and perform all major crud (create, read, update and delete) task on your store page absolutely painless.

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As a buyer you do not require to register before making a purchase on our platform, however, in order to enjoy even more feature and connect to top-rated sellers and enjoy social interaction with your favorite sellers, you may register as a buyer to have access to all the finest socio-marketing features you can't find anywhere. Transitioning from buyer to seller is pain-free and effortless.

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Transaction on Re-snatch is super easy, as a buyer, you have nothing to worry as your information and payment are fully secured and no fund will be released to sellers until you have confirmed successful delivery of your used clothing. The seller also is protected to ensure every order placed on the vendor storefront is complete and payment is made without complaints. If you have any complaint send it to us here and will be solved immediately.

Order Status

Re-snatch is well organized when it comes to putting your order on your watch and checking the present status of any order placed in your store. You can track the status from processing to completion stage.

Processing Order

Processing order is active when the buyer payment is first made via your store and is transferred to the merchant (PayPal) for processing and confirming the authenticity and availability of the fund in the buyer's account. You will receive an alert in your email confirming the payment is successful.

Completed Order

An order is confirmed complete when the transaction is marked successful and no hidden issues or complaints from the buyer. When an order is in this status, the seller would wait for 7 days to make a fund withdrawal request to his or her account.

Pending Order

A payment is pending when the transaction is not fully matured or completed, and it usually becomes active whenever an order is still in transit, the possibility of an insufficient fund in buyer’s account or buyer is yet to confirm completion of the transaction.


This  status is active whenever there is a specific issue or matter arising on the order placed in your store and once the issue is cleared, the status immediately changed depending on the present condition of the transaction.

Canceled Order

An order is marked canceled when user or buyer fails to complete the transaction already placed. User or seller can cancel if vendor’s product is out of stock. Notification is always required in this regard to expediting the update on the current transaction.

Getting Paid

Vendor gets paid whenever order is marked complete and confirmed delivered, your fund is made available immediately to you. Seller can access the progress or status of every transaction made on vendor’s dashboard.


You can make withdrawal anytime, by sending us a request and your fund is available to you through your bank account or registered PayPal account immediately. You fund will be available after the 7 days period is passed, a mandatory condition for fund withdrawal.

Re-Snatch Commission

Re-snatch only charge a meager 10% commission on every successful transaction, so if your item is listed for $50, you get paid for $45 and with a waiting period of 7 days for fund clearance. See the general FAQs to learn about 7 days clearance works.


Our platform comes with a great engaging features for both seller and users. and allows you to create social interaction and develop a socio-marketing relationship with your buyer or seller and enables you build even more moral confidence in dealing with the party regardless of the location. See some of the few features seller can enjoy.

Member Social Connect

ReSnatch's member page is similar to popular Facebook and Twitter page network. You can change your profile, check for if you have any friend request, check if you follow anyone within Re-natch community, add followers as friend, unfollow and create group for your store.

2-Way Messaging

Registered member or user can send you either a private or public message. If you are sent a private message, only you and the sender can actually view this. The public message may be visible in the ReSnatch's community activity board. You can access the two way message system through vendor's main profile page. Only a registered user can view this.

Real Time Activity Stream

This feature makes you view the current activity takes place on your store, you can see where and when you are mentioned during conversation, know if you are being followed, see your favorite store, see your friend list and find your group if available.

Store Locator

Our search tool is awesome and great in searching the top rated used clothing seller with a map location, helping buyers to explore special and bestsellers available on Re-snatch in real time.


Re-snatch platform provides a distinctive seller dashboard that allows seller/vendor to monitor all store activity and includes - creating a new product, update and delete existing one, check product status and earning, the number of time product is viewed, duplicate products in a flash, assign tax and shipping rate, enable discount and many more features

Name Your Price

A user can easily interact with a product on your store or re-snatch main shop and send you a request for an offer, suggesting the possible price he or she intend to pay for your product.


The platform makes seller or vendor check the products' reports on a daily basis, the top-selling product, top-earning products, and a number of coupons applied per day on your storefront.

Clothing Comparison

Price comparison is a great tool that allows users to compare the best deals, provides information about set of used clothing including the best price, seller’s review and any possible rating(bad or good) and why you need to buy that particular item.

re-snatch comparison


Re-snatch coupon features are fantastic and empower vendor to assign a coupon to a product, and even apply a single coupon to entire product's category with ease. You can set usage limit, discount amount, expiry date, choose which product to use, indicate which quota of the coupon should be applied.

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